Seeing as the date is July 12th, by my (Romulan) calendar, I make it approximately 400 weeks since what's-his-name left his forlorn, run-down Toronto Maple Leafs blog, Pension Plan Puppets, for his idylic, sexy vacation. Did I say vacation? I meant forever.

When your friend and mine PPP (the man) left PPP (the blog) all that time ago, he entrusted it to three highly skilled individuals. When they too went on vacation, it fell into the laps of three...uh...individuals. MF37, Chemmy and Me.

Oh, the fun we've had! There was that time Chem and I wrote that stuff. There was this one night where MF37 (MF to his friends) screamed "To hell with it!", and wrote a post about Mats Sundin! I'd say it had that heady, exciting feeling that you get in college, if I'd ever gone to college.


PPP (the man), seen here in the departure lounge at Pearson International, was away in Europe all this time doing all sorts of awesome things that say, Me, MF and Chemmy weren't doing. That's because we were here making sure his site advertising cheque for the month of July would be EXTRA big. Incidentally, you can see a documentary about PPP's sexy European exploits. It'll be called "Quantum of Solace" and it opens in theaters everywhere November 8th. Rated 'R' for violence, sexual situations and no blogging.

As for Me, MF and Chem, we've been up to our eyeballs doing this blog, our own blogs, and our newest mode of expression: MODERN DANCE!


Here we are from a piece entitled "The Toronto Maple Leafs 08/09 Line-Up". I'm the one on the right...or is it left? I can't tell anymore. Basically we're making a comment on man's inhumanity to man in a Godless universe where materialism and greed highlight the fact that the Leafs #1 center is Nik Antropov and their captain in Tomas Kaberle. I'm hoping we can get an arts council grant to really turn it into something special. Or at least to get us some shirts.

Seriously, it's been a real pleasure to come on Pension Plan Puppets and write about our team. This blog is a special place for all of us, and it's been awesome these past weeks interacting with all you guys, and working with Chemmy and MF37.

  • What can you say about Steve? He keeps writing 'em, and I keep linking to 'em .
  • MF37 writes something I've been thinking for years: When will the Leafs change the ACC music?
  • My friend, General B, begins a series of posts about a Leafs all-time Dream Team. How good is this team? This good: Darryl Sittler is on the THIRD line.
  • One time I went out with a girl who forced me never to speak to her family after we broke up. What a pussy. According to Wrap Around Curl, some things just aren't negotiable.
  • He Score, He Shoot is now on Facebook. Just imagine, you're one click away from you and me being besties! Also: Don't forget our latest podcast.
  • What would you say if I told you that a team was giving out jerseys with an angry pig on the chest? No, not that it was fan appreciation night in Ottawa, but introducing the newest affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks, the Iowa Chops!/

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