This is probably the last time I'll ever update a blog with any readers, so I'd like to make it something special. Over the past few weeks Greener, Moose, mf37 and I went through the ups, and the downs. We had days with too much news to blog about, and days where we wrote retrospective posts to cover up the fact that nothing happened.

It seems like we've been here forever, but really the guy who runs this has only been away for three weeks.

Greener, mf37, four mannequins, a sentient chair and Chemmy prepare their first post for, at the time planned as an additional book in the bible.

I for one have had a great time, and being forced to blog on a regular schedule has taught me important lessons about life, and hard work. Some people learn about hard work by volunteering to build houses for the less fortunate, or working in a coal mine. Sure those jobs are dangerous and a little bit sexy if you're into power tools like me, but blogging every day is just as dangerous, and requires just as much strength (ed note: Chemmy's laptop weighs three hundred pounds and is surrounded by bear traps and a piranha pit).

So, thanks to PPP for having us, and thanks to all of you jerks for not constantly commenting about the terrible job we did. I'd write more but I need to put PPP's Ferrari on cinder blocks and throw it in reverse before he gets home.

Here are some links to read while you wait for the odometer to reset back to zero: