The first game in the Eastern Conference Final started at 8pm, and by 2am the next day I don't know who won. Sunbelt Hockey pretended it was in the pacific time zone as the Hurricanes and Panthers reached deep into quadruple overtime in a 2-2 game to open their series before I gave up and went to sleep. The Canes scored in the first and third periods, while the Panthers scored twice in the second. And then the scoring went dead for a whole game's worth of hockey and then some.

The fans in Raleigh stuck around and kept the barn full.

By the end of 3OT, Brent Burns was leading the Canes in icetime with 46 minutes, Brandon Montour led for the Panthers with 49 minutes. Games like this are funny because despite six periods in the books, Derek Stepan, Colin White, and Ryan Lomberg were still under 20 minutes. There were also two penalties in the first OT, one for each team, and then silence from the officials.

In other news, the Coyotes are, uhm, putting on a brave face. C'mon guys, at least make us think you know what you're doing.

Leafs assistant coach, who established his reputation with the Hershey Bears, is speaking to the NY Rangers, Ducks, and his old organization the Capitals.

Justin Pogge is retiring and I think he wants to be forgotten as the WJC hero. Sorry, Pistol Pete, no one could ever forget your dunk.

Former Maple Leaf and Team Canada hero Justin Pogge retiring, craves ‘new chapter’
Pogge is mostly remembered for his 2006 world juniors heroics and being a top Maple Leafs prospect.

Sandin and Liljegren are the top pair for Sweden at the MWC. There's also only one other NHLer on the back end and he's kind of old, so I'd be shocked if they weren't the top pair.

Auston Matthews needs a new contract and you're all underpaying him in your heads.

Auston Matthews needs a new contract
Count me out of the group that thinks the Auston Matthews contract just totally must be signed by July 1 or the sky will fall. There is no plausible threat of a trade to hold over his head because Auston Matthews can’t have more leverage than he has just by virtue of who he is.

All three of the CHL series could end tonight, as each one has the leader up three games to one. The Memorial Cup opens one week from today, and all three of the eventual winners will join the rested Kamloops Blazers for the tournament.