Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

Yesterday the Maple Leafs played their first game in Sweden and it went pretty well.

Recap: Leafs 2nd line beats the Red Wings
Toronto comes bac against a tough Detroit team.

I was an unlucky sap who had to work through the game but my fantasy team with Bertuzzi, Marner, and Rielly told me that it wasn't one to miss.

Most importantly, William Nylander extended his season opening point streak to sixteen. Sixteen straight games with at least one point for Nylander, and a total of 11 goals and 14 assists. 25 points in sixteen games. Only two goals back of the league leader - Auston Matthews - and two back of the league leaders in points. How angry are the "Should of picked Nick Ritchie" crowd, eh?

Will Nylander's point streak ever end?

All signs point

Also, be sure to check out Brian's latest prospect report.

Maple Leafs Prospect Report: Hudson Malinoski
Assessing Hudson Malinoski’s play and skills as a prospect after his first 11 NCAA games.

Dennis Hildeby is really turning out to be a great goalie.

Mark Masters: Leafs prospect Hildeby making a name for himself in AHL | TSN
Dennis Hildeby sighs when his ‘Hildebeast’ nickname is brought up. “I feel like as soon as you’re over 6-foot-5 you’re called ‘beast’ in this country,” the 6-foot-7, 222 pound Toronto Marlies goalie said. “Like, everyone is calling you ‘Beast.’ It’s not just me.”

Luke Prokop was a ground breaker in men's hockey. How has his journey progressed in a world that seems to be moving backwards?

Luke Prokop exclusive: On NHL’s Pride missteps and preparing to make hockey history
The Predators prospect was called up to Milwaukee on Wednesday and could become the first openly gay player to appear in an AHL game Friday.

If the Draft goes to the Sphere, they have plenty of rooms to allow bloggers in. Hint hint.

NHL exploring possible final in-person draft at Sphere for 2024
Discussions are ongoing between NHL officials and those at the Sphere in Las Vegas to host what could be the league’s final in-person draft.

Setting directions for "Robidas Island"

Leafs D-man John Klingberg skating but in pain as injury hit ‘rock bottom’
John Klingberg finally but painfully returned to the ice Friday after his nagging injury hit “rock bottom” earlier this month with the Toronto Maple Leafs, writes Luke Fox.

Speaking of directions, I'm writing this after a 17 hour day of work, so I'm taking the directions towards my bed.

Enjoy your day everyone!