Welcome to POP! Fantastic debuted!

If that confuses you, we're here to help!

Occasionally we'll see some comments or memes posted that you'll have to be an old PPP soul to get, other times the youths post something that goes over my head.

Hopefully this post will help answer some questions.

That first sentence you read? Well, when welcoming new commenters we would type welcome to PPP! Occasionally fingers slip and you get POP! instead, and most commenting systems didn't let you edit so your mistakes were there for all to see.

Fantastic debuted was an add on to rub salt in the wound, but hey, welcome!

Over on Twitter GIF-master extrordinaire TicTacTomar will post a clip and say something I don't understand.

Here's where our need for help begins. I understand it's a star wars reference, but man. I'm lost.

There's also quite a few long time PPP memes we need to keep track of, like why playing games in November is when it matters*, so loyal commenters of PPP, help us. You're our only hope.

*Sorry, but I can not find the origin of this quote. I believe it was Ron Wilson who said the Leafs were winning games in November, when it matters.

Here are some things to chat about:

Once again, the Leafs fall in overtime.

Recap: Leafs come back but Bruins win in OT
The overtime worm had to turn eventually.

Would the Maple Leafs have to pay extra in deals with Calgary?

Flames Likely to “Tax” Treliving, Maple Leafs In Any Tanev Trade
If the Calgary Flames are going to trade Chris Tanev to the Toronto Maple Leafs, don’t expect them to make it easy on GM Brad Treliving.

Max Domi talks about growing up with the Leafs.

Q&A with Maple Leafs Max Domi on his tough-guy dad, being a Swiftie and more
Here, we corner Max Domi after practice and ask him some questions of vital importance about his life in Toronto.

Anyone want a free agent?

Future Considerations: Five college free agents who could interest NHL teams
One way to add prospects to your pipeline without having draft picks is to sign free agents out of the NCAA. Scout Jason Bukala looks at five such players who could draw NHL interest at the end of the season.

How many teams are failing?

NHL grades: Rating all 32 teams at the quarter mark
There’s plenty of hockey left to be played, but it’s worth checking in on how all 32 teams around the NHL have performed so far.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!