Good morning, Leafs fans. It’s time for another day of “What will Kyle do next?”

If you’ve been in an internet blackout, you’ll have missed the changes on the team. I’m going to cheat and just link to this:

In & Out

The cap situation is very simple (no, really). The Leafs can do nothing, activate Matt Murray, sign Matt Knies and carry on. Or they can make more moves that would involve trading players out for those coming in. I personally believe that the Man in the Moon can see that they’re trading a defender for a forward.

What else is going on? Too much, friends. Way too much.

Now at this point I could be your personal copy and paste assistant and list all the recent trades here, but the world has changed, and information is aggregated in efficient ways all over the place. The silo — beloved of Twitter and Google — can be a prison, so how about giving some clicks to someone like Cap Friendly who works hard:

NHL Trade History - CapFriendly - NHL Salary Caps

Or Daily Faceoff, who are hustling hard to make a site that competes with SN and TSN.

I want to highlight one deal:

Whatever the Bolts are up to is their business, but Vlad Namestnikov has always been a player I’ve had a fondness for. Partially because the mnemonic to remember how to spell his name is Name Stink Ov. But it would be very funny if this once and future and past and future again Tampa Bay Lightning player came to the Leafs at even more retained salary.

Now who do I really want the Leafs to ge- David Perron.

I would have said he’s not available, but that somewhat odd trade of Filip Hronek to the Canucks says maybe he is. By the way, it’s not laughable that the Canucks “bought” at the deadline. They traded for a guy with another year and who expires as an RFA. Now I think he’s a bit overvalued, but the concept of a trade for him is not laughable on its face.

The Leafs play the Flames today, and we’ll have some guesses about who plays and where later on. Erik Gustafsson is set to join the team, but it’s not clear if he will play.

And that’s about it, other than the interesting sideshow of everyone, and I do mean everyone, saying the Leafs should get a goalie because Murray “just can’t stay healthy” and Dubas just not doing it.

One and a half more days of trade fever left, and then it’s back to assuming every loss means the end of the franchise as we know it.

Stay tuned for an article I begged Brigs to write explaining how the hell the NCAA playoffs work.

Happy Thursday, everyone. Make it a good one.