Around 15 years ago, as part of a birthday present for my dad, he and I with some other kids and dads we were friends with made a road trip to see the Leafs play the Sabres in Buffalo. I didn’t know this at the time, but it would be one of only two wins the Leafs would have in Buffalo in the span of like a decade (not sure how long, just that it was a looooooooooong time). Belfour had to make 35 saves, and Mogilny scored 2 goals and they won 3-2.

Since that game, the Leafs are 11-22-6 against the Sabres in Buffalo, with one of those wins coming earlier this year.

The Sabres will be without Rasmus Ristolainen (suspension), Cody Franson (injury), and Taylor Fedun (injury). They weren’t exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to good NHL defensemen before, and without those three their pairings in yesterday’s practice looks like this::

Apparently, they think it’s better to try and sneak the suspended Ristolainen into the third pairing and hope the NHL doesn’t notice than to use whomever their 9th best defenseman would be.

The Leafs are on a roll, they can really put themselves in a good spot for a playoff position against a bad, injured team. It seems like as easy a win as they can get.... but because of the Leafs’ past, both as a whole and in Buffalo, I still feel scared. Someone hold me!

Onto the links!

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Have a great Saturday folks! I’ll be at a group birthday celebration with my girlfriend’s very Finnish and very hilarious family, whose only fault is their extreme apathy when it comes to hockey.