Yesterday, I did a fun post on the probability that the Toronto Maple Leafs make the playoffs.  It had a fun poll, and here are the results:

What do you do to get ready for playoffs.

Stock up on beer.34
Stock up on chips and beer.56
Stock up on chips, beer and hard liquor because this is still the Leafs.187
Write out my family’s names on post-it notes so I don’t forget.40
This poll is an outrage, you’re jinxing us!163
Prepare for the inevitable collapse because we can’t have nice things.128

And 163 of you voted that that post was a jinx! So today, this post is dedicated to you: another set of probability numbers, even higher than the pre-jinx ones were. is a great source for fun graphics and well calculated numbers.  Probability theory is not my thing, so feel free to dig into how he calculates it if you like.

His prediction page has an updated chart and the big wheel graphic in a much easier to read format than you get in a tweet.

Someone else who does this is Dom and he has a line graph by division:

His twitter account has a lot of other predictions and probabilities if you want more numbers to look at.

So there you have today’s selection of probabilities.  No have your say again on this topic of the “jinx”.

Do you believe in jinxes?

Of course not!283
Only for the Leafs, we can’t have nice things.544
Yes, and this post is a scourge upon the Leafs’ chances.279
Is Jinx another new fancy stat?288