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Good morning Maple Leafs fans! It's a beautiful day, or at least I hope it is, it's very dark right now.

Without a lot of huge news to share, I thought I would spend Sunday morning pondering a good vacation. So, with that in mind, what's the hockey game you want to go see?

I'm getting very pricey and exotic for my pick but I say this every year, I want to go to the Spengler Cup.

Eisstadion Davos is such a beautiful arena. The windows, the wood, the arches. It's as close to a literal hockey cathedral as we will ever see.

Abercio at German Wikipedia

Ever since I watched my first Spengler Cup game, I've dreamed of walking into this arena.

Switzerland looks like a beautiful place to visit, winter or summer, and adding in a random hockey tournament only a dork like me would love is icing on the cake.

Something else I want to go see is a Leafs vs Coyotes game at Mullet Arena.

I know I (deservedly) rip on the Coyotes for not getting their stuff together, but to see an NHL regular season game in a rink smaller than most OHL teams have is an experience I want to have.

Someday I will go to one of these places. Where do you want to go?

While you think, here's some links.

Not a great start to the post-Sweden home stand.

Recap: Leafs fall to the Penguins
Pittsburgh hold a 1-goal lead against all the Leafs had to offer

What could we do with this Klingberg money now?

John Klingberg to LTIR gives Toronto Maple Leafs new possibilities
In a move that has surprised very few people, the Toronto Maple Leafs…

Marc-Andre Fleury told the NHL to kick rocks with their stupid policies.

No flowers for Marc-André Fleury: Once again, the NHL trips over its own stick
An opportunity to celebrate Indigenous issues and one of the league’s great goalies instead turns into another public relations headache

Hopefully not Edmonton!

Out of playoff spot by Thanksgiving, which NHL team has the best chance to recover?
Which team on the outside has the best shot of climbing back in by April?

Corey Perry disappeared from Chicago.

Corey Perry away from Chicago’s NHL team for personal reasons, player’s agent says | CBC Sports
Corey Perry will be away from Chicago’s NHL team for the foreseeable future, general manager Kyle Davidson said Saturday.

Finally, Fraser Minten is doing well with his new team.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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