Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It was another evening without a Leafs game but a day full of hockey nonetheless!

Before we get to what's on deck, let's take a look at what we missed yesterday.

USA 11 - Switzerland 3

Big game for the Americans, and Frank Nazar (Michigan / Chicago) and Jimmy Snuggerud (Minnesota / St. Louis) both had four points each.

Sweden 5 - Germany 0

After a heartwarming win over Finland, Germany wasn't able to beat Sweden. Otto Stenberg (Frölunda / St. Louis) scored a hat trick for Sweden.

There are four games up today:

Norway vs Slovakia at 6AM

Latvia vs Finland at 8:30AM

Czechia vs USA at 11AM

Canada vs Sweden at 1:30PM

Standings-wise Canada and the USA are on top of their groups with Latvia and Switzerland battling to not be relegated.

If you're looking for something to read and weren't around yesterday, Cathy has a couple pieces up, looking at the PWHL and the NHL:

Road to the PWHL
History is written by the victors.
Vibes and Parity
What’s going on in the NHL right now?

Free agent defender Ethan Bear signed a two year deal with the Washington Capitals.

What Ethan Bear Brings to Washington
Taking a closer look at soon-to-be Caps’ blueliner Ethan Bear, and what he can bring to the lineup.

The Winter Classic in Seattle is coming soon, and ESPN takes a look back at how the first one came to be.

‘There were a lot of moments where you were holding your breath’: How the NHL’s first Winter Classic overcame many hurdles
The visionaries that pulled off the 2008 event helped make outdoor games a commonplace part of the NHL. But it was no sure thing at the time.

The PWHL has their first big sponsor.

Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) and Air Canada Seal Historic Partnership to Take Flight Together

Enjoy your day everyone!