Good evening folks!

I hate to be redundant with the notes from earlier today, but it must be acknowledged as it is a core responsibility of ours to keep you informed. New Bruins prospect Mitchell Miller will steal some air time from the recently maligned, now heating up, Toronto Maple Leafs. Here is a peak from Cup of Chowder team.

Bruins inexplicably sign Mitchell Miller to entry-level contract

Patrice Bergeron shared his thoughts on the signing earlier today. The question comes at 2:18.

The Leafs may actually garner support from around the league tonight. It’s ok, you can tell yourselves you are only rooting against the Bruins.

As current B’s leader suggested, let’s get back to the hockey.

I don’t care for the Bruins. They still suck in my book.

After a slow week I’m glad the Leafs are back with a healthy dose of games coming up. Here are the important details from the preview this morning:

Preview: Boston visits Toronto

One quick update:

I said it earlier and I will say it again, it feels nice to have Leafs hockey back. Maybe it is just me, but I haven’t been this excited for a game since the season opener. I’m ready.

The Wayne train gets another HNIC. Against Boston, I assume their will be a fight. Gordie Hat Trick? If he is playing tonight then he has a better chance than if he weren’t to dress.

Timothy Liljegren, the unicorn RHD, will make his season debut. Since we missed all of his pomp and circumstance during training camp, it’s time to see how his off-season training was spent. It is too soon to submit a ruling, but won’t be to start the evaluations. I bet he has the juices flowing and gets plenty of opportunities to get his legs moving alongside Morgan Rielly tonight.

The Bruins will be coming down heavy riding their hot start. Almost 4.5 goals per game through their first 11 makes it easier I’m sure, but their team save percentage is fifth best league wide. Nasty combination. That guy returning to their lineup tonight makes them worse right? I feel optimistic.

The Leafs should theoretically be underdogs, at least by the most significant margin this season, if not the first time. Boston has proven through October they aren’t out of gas or to be written off this year. Toronto has proven Mitchell Marner likes to break sticks to blow off steam.

Hopefully being just a scotch outside the limelight in tonight’s game allows the Leafs to come out a little looser. Three sleeps as winners has hopefully reminded some players why the made it to the NHL or rekindled some positivity in the group. I mean I feel better knowing I haven’t had to suffer a loss in six days. It feels great.

Speaking of Marner, I think he’ll have a big night, flexing on anyone with the audacity to have too similar of a name. My guess is at least one Leafs teammate has already heard about it from him today. Mitchell of house Marner will not stand for it and has a chip on his shoulder.

Knowing all of this, I’m giddy for puck drop. Tonight will be fun. I can tell you want to get on this... not quite hype train, but maybe good vibe train... it is quite nice. Here is a toast to crisp puck movement, good decision making, and speed.

If you still aren’t convinced, then know that the Senators already beat Boston this year.