It's Friday! It's been a long week. A really long week.

It's that point where it's almost Christmas, but not yet Christmas, and so you're tired and exhausted and still have so many errands to run and gifts to pick up for that cousin you forgot and some relatives you don't like are having a family party and you don't want to go but you can't not go and the woman in front of you in the line at the LCBO is fumbling around trying to find her Air Miles card for two minutes and you still need to pick up your dry cleaning but they close in three minutes, and ZOMG GARRET SPARKS IS INJURED??!?!?!? AND WE'RE ALL STRESSED AND MISERABLE!

We haven't had much to cheer about this year, other than 'the process' apparently working, but that's boring. So I think we need something to cheer us up. Just because I can, and because Scott Wheeler is not awake yet, I am declaring a GIF PARTY in celebration of Davey Clarkman's first goal of the season!

For real! Clarkson scored a goal!

He even fell down after doing it!


And bring some new GIFs we haven't seen before.

Your Friday FTB is here.