Connor McDavid is a popular subject amongst hockey circles, but particularly amongst bad teams. For years leading up to his draft year, several eyes were on him; when it was actually 2015, every single eye was.

While the Toronto Maple Leafs were bad enough to be in the McDavid conversation - though they just missed out on the lottery and ended up picking fourth overall rather than first - the Buffalo Sabres willingly threw their entire season away just to try to get him.

Alas, nobody can tank and win lotteries like the Edmonton Oilers, and so, poor Connor's fate was sealed.

But as the Leafs are in Edmonton tonight, and McDavid is actually healthy this go-around, talk has gravitated back to him - and let's not forget that, being from Richmond Hill, McDavid loved the Leafs well before he loved any other team.

To that extent, he talked with TSN's Mark Masters about his Leafs fandom growing up - and it's adorable (and just a little heartbreaking).

For instance:

Well, that's a lot of sass.

He did have some more detailed answers, though:

McDavid would have been five years old during that 2002 playoff run, so that's distressing to think about. That also covers today's daily "you're old" reminder.

His Leafs fandom was very true, though:

Embarrassing or awesome, Connor? Just say it was awesome.

And my favourite part...


Entry level deals only last three years. There's time, Connor. There's time to turn that childhood jersey into the real thing. Think about your dad, Connor. Just think about him, and do the right thing.