There are a lot of reasons to have hope for the Toronto Maple Leafs' future, and key among them is their head coach, Mike Babcock. He's spent most of his time in the NHL with the Detroit Red Wings, but left to sign an eight year deal with Toronto.

One year into that deal, and we're already seeing it pay off. Not so much in the standings - but that was by design. You can be the best coach in the world, but if your roster is subpar or inexperienced, well, you probably aren't going to get far.

His affect on the Leafs' process is undeniable, though. In 2014-15 (aka 1 BB, Before Babcock), the Leafs had a 5v5 CF of 46.43%: fourth worst in the NHL. In 1 AB (After Babcock, otherwise known as 2015-16), the Leafs had a 5v5 CF of 51.34%: 13th in the NHL.

That's an astounding level of growth. So just imagine this team when the roster comes into form.

Hey NHL, I know the draft lottery isn't until tomorrow, but you know what would make a good present...? Be sure to wear your lucky Babsocks, everyone.