Hello everyone!  It's been quite the weekend trying to catch up on what I missed this past week here on PPP.  You see, my hotel thought that charging $13.99 for wireless internet per day was a reasonable request. So I actually went a week without more than a half hour accumulated internet time.  It was quite difficult as I am pretty sure I have a serious internet addiction.  Anyways, I would like this post to be my official apology to any MSM members who may have been offended by my previous attempt at blogging under an alias.  I realize that it was a horrible thing to do, to disguise my true identity under false name of Karina.  Now, you can know all of my prejudices and vices, and can tell whether or not any coverage I write about the Leafs is biased or truthful.

Also, one thing I learned while in New York City is that these rumours that americans don't get good hockey coverage is fake. Every single morning when we got up and ate breakfast (wooo having a kitchen in our hotel!) we ended up watching the Rangers on MSG. We watched some of the 1979 cup final. We watched a lot about the Summit Series. We watched Interviews with John Tortorella, Chris Drury and Henrik Lundqvist. Oh and I watched a replay of a Devils/Bruins game the one night we were in early. It was more hockey coverage than I've seen all summer and it was amazing. I'm so glad hockey is back, I can't wait for final rosters and opening night! GO LEAFS GO!

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