This was probably the most organized visit to Hockee Night's Puckcast. DGB was also a guest and in a switch from the last time we were on together he was quiet for most of it. I have a good idea of the reason. This may be Eyebleaf's favourite puckcast ever. Daoust may not be such a big fan. We talk about how buying tickets makes you responsible for your team's decisions, Tomas Kaberle, Viktor Stalberg, Bif Naked, "Youngblood", moustaches, and shockers.

It's really got something for every one. I leave early and can only imagine the nice things that DGB, CT, and ForkLift said about me. Maybe someone can let me know. Hope you guys enjoy it. Be sure to go over to Hockee Night and tell them how much you love it when they become a Leafs' Podcast.