Tonight at 8pm EST the PPP NHL10 Tournament is on. Up for grabs is a free copy of NHL11. Surprisingly, in the sign-up threads Chemmy, Skinnyfish and puckurgently all admitted that they suck. So this'll be the one and only time you can probably freely beat up on Chemmy in any situation without fear. Puckurgently has all his fancy sound equipment set up (or so he promised me) so that he can record his trash talk. There better be some good stuff in there, hopefully the kind of trash talk that would make Sean Avery proud.

In fact, I have an additional prize for you all.  Whoever I judge to have had the best trash talk in the tournament will receive a custom-made "Trash talk king" avatar from yours truly.  So unless you want puckurgently to win by default, I'd suggest figuring out a way to record or transcribe your trash talk.  The award goes to those who are more creative than just dropping f-bombs on their opponent.  Think of Shakesperean insults -  "I bite my thumb at you sir!" and "You are a shallow, cowardly hind and you lie" and "Thou cockered, fen-sucked wagtail!"  - if you want an example of the type of creativity I appreciate.  You don't have to use Shakesperean english, although I will be extremely impressed if you actually manage to work some in naturally.  Good luck, gentlemen.

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