Not every NHLer has a family member to show them the way. Most do in the most general sense - introducing him to hockey, helping him grow up, and the like - but when it comes to the specifics, most don’t get to grow up in NHL locker rooms.

William Nylander (and, by extension, brother and new divisional rival Alexander) did, though. When they were born, Michael Nylander was still making his trek through the NHL - something that William said was vital for him.

"Just being there with him at the rink, and seeing what the dream was—it put in your head a goal to strive for."
William Nylander, Men’s Fitness

Men’s Fitness had a chance to catch up with the Nylanders over the offseason, and their article provides a great insight into the younger ones’ development, and how their father gradually eased them into things.

It definitely looks like his approach worked! Here’s to William blowing everyone away for his rookie year.