This one goes back about a year. On Jan. 17, 2015, the Toronto Maple Leafs had just lost 3-0 to the St. Louis Blues in St. Louis. It was their final game of a four-game western road trip (fun fact: they scored one goal the entire trip. Good job, Roman Polak! ... Oh man), with their next game being on Jan. 19, 2015, back in Toronto.

The Leafs are now being sued by a baggage handler, Kenneth Osborne, for something that may have happened the night following their St. Louis loss.

According to Osborne, a Leafs employee allegedly rushed loading operations, using "the belt loader without permission" while he was in the aircraft, resulting in the belt loader going at full speed, dumping equipment crates into the plane very quickly. One of the crates apparently struck Osbourne in the shoulder, resulting in "severe and permanent disabling injuries", as well as expensive medical bills.

The suit was filed just this month, on Jan. 8. As the Star reports, according to MLSE spokesman David Haggith, the organization has yet to officially receive the suit, and has declined to comment on it.