Update: as expected Samsonov clears

Two goalies are on waivers on New Year's Eve. Neither is likely to be claimed.

You all know the trials and tribulations of Samsonov and his dreadful season. That dreadful play and the $3.55 million cap hit will keep him from any claim.

Meanwhile, Buffalo's Eric Comrie is expected to go through untouched because his season has been unimpressive in only seven starts as the Sabres' third goalie, and his contract of $1.8 million isn't fully buriable.

Is Comrie better than Samsonov? That's a little hard to judge because he's played so little. But per Moneypuck, and counting all goalies, no matter how few starts they have, Samsonov is third worst at Goals Saved Above Expected per 60 minutes. Comrie is eighth. So, no, not meaningfully better on his record this season.

If Comrie made about half what his contract pays him, he'd likely get claimed.

Also today, the Toronto Marlies recalled Luke Cavallin from the Growlers, even though the Growlers are playing today.

I guess it's time for Dennis Hildeby to get a shot at NHL action, much, much sooner than anyone planned. That move can't be made until Samsonov clears unless the Leafs send another player down to clear roster space.

More updates will come tomorrow.

No, not tomorrow, now!