The Western Road Trip is over and the Leafs are returning to Toronto with two wins and two losses and possibly a more confused fanbase than ever. Is this team bad, unlucky, actually good? One of those randomly each night? Maybe all of those simultaneously? Whatever you believe, they certainly looked good last night, including Ilya Samsonov back looking like a starter and let in only one goal on 26 shots. The Leafs won this game convincingly.

Recap: Maple Leafs eat the Kraken
The Maple Leafs win the squid game.

Auston Matthews with the smooth play of the night.

And let's see that Nicky Robby goal one more time.

The next test is the Winnipeg Jets who are at the top of the Central Division and you all know why: Connor Hellebuyck. The Jets will take the train here to Toronto to play on Wednesday, then there will be an uncomfortable ride back to Winnipeg with both teams on the same train to play on Saturday, because that's how long it takes VIA to get there. If only they had an airport in that city.

Meanwhile the Marlies also had a great weekend to start their boat show road trip, defeating the Charlotte Checkers (Panthers affiliates) two games in a row. One win with Hildeby in net, and the other with Petruzzelli.

Other News

Ryan Reaves wants to play.

‘I definitely hate it’: Maple Leafs’ Reaves discusses string of healthy scratches
Ryan Reaves is calm, polite and professional when discussing his run of scratches as the Toronto Maple Leafs fourth-liner insists he’s healthy and raring to go.

Patrick Roy won his first game as the Islanders head coach after a practice where he yelled at everyone.

Quite an interesting way to win 3-1.

An interview with Jen Botts where she discuses the moment she argued with the other members of the panel last week about the high-sticking incident and takes us behind the camera to how it all happened live on the air completely unscripted, and the reaction to it since then. Also she shares her thoughts on the PWHL's season so far.

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