Just like with Joey Anderson, there is no current need to actually remove him from the roster.

Just like two days ago, the Maple Leafs have placed a member of the depth cadre on waivers.

Benn is on a one-year, league-minimum salary of $750,00 and has played in 12 games for the Leafs and four for the Marlies on a conditioning loan.

He’s been good as a depth option, but like with Joey Anderson earlier in the week, the Leafs need waiver exempt players to move off the roster if they want to add players.

Anderson has not yet been moved to the AHL, and he may not be, nor may Benn. Waiver exemption, once a player clears, lasts for 29 days in the NHL.

Will Benn clear? Defencemen are highly sought after, and you never know as teams looking to make trades need to add players to play their remaining games. The Leafs have a lot of depth, and clearly Kyle Dubas wants to keep them, but also wants roster flexibility heading towards Friday’s deadline.

We’ll know tomorrow at 2 PM if he is still a Leaf or not.