So I had a debate with my husband last night. I rushed home, ran instead of walked my puppy, and didn't eat until late so that I could watch the Leafs 2nd preseason game. On the other hand, he made dinner during the first period of the Canucks game, and in the 2nd intermission we started watching Dragon's Den which led to him missing half of the 3rd period. For me, I don't wanna miss any Leafs hockey that I don't have to miss, preseason or not. I've missed hockey and seeing the Leafs on the ice, I am excited to see new players in the lineup, and there's just something about the new jerseys that make me excited. He, on the other hand, doesn't really care about preseason.

How do you feel??  I can't fathom not being 100% excited about hockey right now.  It's been far too long since I last saw my team on the ice, and I'm ready to see what changes there'll be... so preseason or not, half a Marlies roster or not, I'm not missing anything.

And a quick note: if there are any new bloggers out there who are writing game recaps, let me, Skinnyfish and birky know so we can throw you into our google reader and put you in the FTB.

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