After a long and incredibly successful year, the Toronto Marlies' season finally gave out on May 29. They fought valiantly against the Hershey Bears, and successfully avoided the sweep, but it just wasn't meant to be.

As such, what were particularly busy seasons for both Kasperi Kapanen and William Nylander came to an end. For Kapanen, it was his first season after being traded for Phil Kessel - quite a fair bit to have to live up to. For Nylander, he was really thrust into the spotlight - particularly with his successful NHL debut.

But when they were both on the Marlies, we saw quite the bromance blossom between them.

Will these two be on the same team next year, though? Nylander will almost certainly be spending his season in the NHL; will Kapanen follow? Both made their NHL debuts in 2016, but Nylander's went notably better than Kapanen's.

But even if Kapanen doesn't make the NHL on the regular, at least we know the bromance should live on - because they'll still be living in the same city. And, judging by that picture, able to watch the sunrise together in 2016-17, too.