In a somewhat shocking turn, Kyle Dubas came out and said that he will either return as GM of the Leafs or he won't be working anywhere. He said that this season has been taxing on him and his family, and they will discuss his future in the coming days.

He is at once knocking the constant Pittsburgh rumours on the head, and being open about just how hard his job is in this post-season media availability.

Dubas discusses his faith in Sheldon Keefe, and it wasn't unqualified. Nor was it harsh.

He answers fully a question about trading a top player, and likens the decision to what Florida did in the Tkachuk deal. He uses that example to say that it was not hastily done. Haste, or his unwillingness to indulge in it was the theme of his very short set of remarks. He is not a person who is making life- or team-altering decisions today.

In a more lighthearted moment, he tries to apologize for his "caught on camera" behaviour during the disallowed goal. But he fails pretty hard. He calls himself emotional and passionate, and that was already obvious.

He comes alive when he discusses the prsopects, the young players that are pushing for spots on the team. He drops instantly into the mode of a man who has spent a lot of time planning out the draft this summer and some of the other things to be done. It was like watching two different people.

Sheldon Keefe also met the press and discussed the overall picture of the playoffs. He covers it all truthfully, as he always does. They got into trouble against Florida by not taking advantage of their many chances in the first two games. Their own failure to score fuelled Sergei Bobrovsky's confidence. He also touched on the mistakes made in a close series making it harder to win.

As is normal, he had no meaningful answer as to how that could have been avoided or compensated for, but he expresses his usual commitment to growth.

Both Dubas and Keefe talked about reflection and trying to decide what they did that they should have done differently. In Dubas's case, he specifically alluded to the space between reasonable certainty and being unwilling to change.

The full videos will be added when available.