Some hard news has finally been reported on the selection of the ‘hub cities’ which will host NHL teams as they both prepare for and play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Las-Vegas Review Journal has the story that their city is all but guaranteed a spot, and it will be confirmed in about ten days from now.

MGM Resorts keeping hotels open for NHL playoffs - Las Vegas Review-Journal
NHL hub city picks to come June 22; MGM preparing for Las Vegas’ selection.

The selection for the hub city in the east still is not confirmed, even unofficially, but Toronto continues to be touted as the favourite.


Our panel of kitten ranching and hockey scouting experts have weighed in and finished ranking the Maple Leafs players and prospects under 25 years old which means The world famous PPP Top 25 Under 25 will begin Monday with #25. In the meantime, we have spoken on those who didn’t make the cut.

Maple Leafs T25U25: The 2020 Unranked - Katya
Have you given up on Eemeli Räsänen? Our voters have.

Other News

Omar knows what’s up.

One of the Growlers players, and an occasional call-up to the Marlies has left for the SHL.

Puljujarvi Reunion May Be More Likely Than Originally Thought - The Copper & Blue
Young Puljujarvi spent most of his time in the NHL on a line with Milan Lucic, which was a blast for everyone involved. But, perhaps, time does heal all wounds?

The Bruins had a player test positive for COVID-19 - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Not entirely unexpected, frankly.

Penguins still have a dynasty in their sights - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
[SPECIES: Joan Collins laughs at this.]

[PODCAST] Ron MacLean In the Pressrow with Jonah Sigel – Toronto Sports Media Blog
Ron has not spent much time talking about life post Coaches Corner but here is sharing new insights on his career, hockey, and of course Donald S. Cherry and that night of November 19, 2019, when the house came crashing down on Cherry and Coaches Corner.

GTHL releases details on penalties called for discriminatory slurs - TSN
The GTHL’s refusal to disclose data on racism-related penalties prompted criticism from several current and former NHL players, including Evander Kane, Blake Wheeler, J.T. Brown, Nazem Kadri, Anson Carter and Kevin Weekes.

Do you care if Toronto is selected as a ”Hub City”?

Yes. It’s a sign they care about this market and know we’re not just another hockey town.53
No. If no one can even go to the games, why would we care where they are played?117
Ewwwww! Keep those possibly virus infected players as far away from my city as possible!34