With the Marlies ready to hit the ice for warmups, came word that the Leafs had traded James Reimer to the Sharks. The return on that trade includes Alex Stalock but he's nowhere near Toronto or Montréal where the Leafs are playing, so Garret Sparks is on his way to back up Jonathan Bernier, the Leafs starter for the rest of the season--or at least this next game.


Antoine Bibeau

is left holding the Toronto fort alone. Enter Dave Ayres.

He's done this before, roaring off down the QEW to sit on the bench for a game in Rochester to watch Bernier make his first AHL start on a conditioning assignment.Dave Ayres, witness to history. He gets to watch the Amerks again, as the Marlies host Rochester at 3:00pm this afternoon. Let's hope he watches Bibeau get a win.