When he took over for Brian Burke the Leafs handed Nonis a three year deal. This extension as reported by Lawrence Dushenski would then carry through the end of the 2020 2021 season.

(Update: I may be mis-remembering the three year deal. This five year extension may run through 2018 instead.

Update 2: this ESPN piece by Lebrun says Nonis got three years past the shortened season, plus five today.)

Update 3: Nonis confirmed on TSN radio that this is a five year contract, replacing his current three year deal. In effect it's a two year extension.)

Much like the Liles extension the odd part of this is the timing. The Leafs went to the playoffs, sure, but it'd be hard to make any argument that wouldn't describe that group as "Burke's Team".

Nonis had two years left on his original contract; so why extend him now? Tim Leiweke has repeated the familiar Leafs blunder of locking up assets before we know their ability or contribution. The upside is that it's MLSE's money and doesn't count against the salary cap, but I don't see Mr. Nonis being in charge of the Maple Leafs in 2020.