There. I beat the entire Sun media empire to the worst pun that Jared of London never made. Who the hell is Jeff Finger you may well ask. Well, go ahead and ask. No, I'll ask. Who in the hell is Jeff Finger? Here's another question: How in the hell do the the Leafs give a guy who's most notable for having the same name as a body part $14 million over four years? I can now think of other body part names to use on him and Cliff Fletcher if this turns out to be another McCabe situation. At least with McCabe, he had a few great years before he cashed in. Jeff Finger? OK, a +22 in 94 career NHL games is a good stat. But I think the more important thing to look at there is the part where I said "94 CAREER NHL GAMES". That means ever. That's only 94 more games than I've played. Thank God PPP is paying me for this. PPP is paying me for this...right?

In other news I am now a bit more of a fan of the C. Avalanche now that our homestyle Darcy Tucker has signed with them. Aside from the benefits of playing for a good organization, This means we'll all get spared the indignity of seeing Darc play the Leafs 20 times a year which would have happened if he'd signed in the east. Once again, Darcy Tucker is thinking about our well being.

I'm also pleased that Andrew Raycroft was picked up quickly. Raycroft always impressed me as a class guy, always took his struggles seriously and never lashed out at the team or played a blame game. It just goes to show that if you play with class and dignity, the NHL community sees it, and is willing to give players another chance. Somewhere Ray Emery isn't listening. Raycroft is a better goalie than he looked last season, and I'm happy that he hasn't had to re-build his career from scratch.


OK, I mean, that's not even a pun. Hagman, a second generation NHL'er gets 4 years for $12,000,000.