SilverFox:We're prepared to offer you a four year contract.

TheBird:A four year contract? For how much money? I made $450k last year so I'm looking for a big raise. I'm thinking $3,750,000 would do it.

SilverFox:Three point seven five million dollars? Per year? That's an awful lot for a player with less than 100 NHL games of experience.

TheBird:Per year? What are you talking about? I meant $3.75 for all four-

SilverFox:But you drive a hard bargain. Fine. $3.75 million per year.

TheBird:No I think you misheard me I-

SilverFox:Here in Toronto we're committed to rebuilding this team with anyone who is twenty eight years old and looking for a paycheck.

TheBird:But I... wait. Yeah. Absolutely.

***TheBird signs the contract as rapidly as possible and runs out of the room laughing***

SilverFox:Somebody send in Niklas Hagman. This wheelbarrow full of money isn't going to burn itself.