Yesterday was a momentous day for Leafs fans. Not only did their 3-1 loss to the Boston Bruins keep them in sole possession of last place (thereby having the highest probability of Auston Matthews), but it did something else quite hilarious.

You see, while Boston defeated the Leafs, the Montreal Canadiens were busy getting throttled by the New York Rangers in regulation. The Bruins improve to 88 points, while the Habs now max out at 86. The other two teams fighting for a playoff spot- the Philadelphia Flyers and Detroit Red Wings- have 85 points. But the Flyers and Wings play one more game against one another, meaning one of them has to get to no less than 87 points.

In simpler terms: the Habs are mathematically eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Sure, people may mock us here at PPP Heavy Kitten Manufacturing and Pug Ranch LLC for revelling in another team's badness while the team we cheer for is also bad. That said, the Leafs were fully expected to suck this year; the Habs were not.

And initially, they didn't. Given their complete collapse since December, it's easy to forget they won their first nine games to start the season. In fact, many people were crowning them as Stanley Cup champions despite only having played just over 10% of the season.

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

(EDITOR'S NOTE: a lot of people sure seemed willing to bet on a Stanley Cup winner in October. If anyone asks you to do this, for the love of God, DO IT.)

Of course, these were all doe-eyed idealistic Montreal fans who probably wanted to believe after such a strong start to the season. Surely no well-known sportswriter with a major platform would be sucked into making such a bold, but bad, prediction. Right?

Oh. Okay.