Mike Boultbee

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PPP Roundtable: Grading the Leafs’ free agency

Our writers evaluate the Leafs’ signings this week.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Washington Capitals Game 5: No one said it'd be easy

The Leafs have made this a best-of-three, but they're starting to see the best of the Caps.

The Leafs Probably Won't Win....But Can They?

So you're saying there's a chance?

The Optimist vs. Pessimist's Take On: Making the Playoffs

Three games to go with one against 9th place Tampa tonight. Clear eyes; full heart; for the love of god, please don't lose.

Unpopular Opinions You Will Hate

You're nervous about the Leafs, so be mad at me instead with these bad and clearly wrong takes.

Trading JVR for a Defenseman Will Not Solve the Leafs' Blueline Woes

Seriously, it won't. Cut that out.

Leafs deadline recap: Trades were made but were they any good?

The Leafs didn't do a whole lot, and that's fine. Calm down.

Toronto Maple Leafs Cheering Guide: February 28

Happy almost deadline day! Here's who you should cheer for.

Toronto Maple Leafs Cheering Guide: February 25

Who should you cheer for tonight?

Canada's Favourite Game Show: Habs @ Leafs Preview

The Leafs play their historic rival for the last time this season. Can they finally win? Your preview, and a fun quiz!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Leafs @ Flyers Preview

The Leafs look to continue the road momentum in the City of Brotherly Love

Buy or Sell: What should the Leafs do at the Trade Deadline?

The answer might surprise you (but it probably won't).

Too close to the Falls: Sabres @ Leafs Preview

Some theories about why the Sabres are the way that they are, in your game preview.

Bye to the Bygone Byes: Leafs @ Rangers Preview

It is not every day you can write a game preview 2-3 days early because both teams are off. This is one of those times.

Leafs History: The Story of a Weird Leafs/Lightning Trade

The Leafs traded for an All-Star goalie who never played a game for them, and it made the NHL angry.

A Magical Holiday Mailbag: PPP Mailbag Christmas Special

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Mailbagsmas!

Your Team Is Actually Stupid and Not Loveable: Sharks @ Leafs Preview

Your team is not a special snowflake. Your players and your fans suck, just like everyone else's.

Avalanche 3, Leafs 1: Varlamov'd

The Leafs had most of the offensive pressure and put over 50 shots on goal, but excellent Avs goaltending and a weak penalty kill did them in.

Wanted Dead Or Alive: Leafs @ Canucks Preview

The Leafs head into the final leg of their Western Canadian road trip as marked men.

Leafs 4, Oilers 2: Solid (And Rare) Road Win

The Leafs played a great road game, got the goaltending they needed, and (mostly) stifled Connor McDavid en route to a 4-2 win in Edmonton.

Breaking Down Mayhem: Thoughts on Saturday's Game

What.....what on earth WAS that?!

Scoreless Near Seattle: Canucks @ Leafs Preview

Goals, fake rivalries, and the Leafs being the smart drafters for once. Your game preview!

Meet the New Takes, Same as the Old Takes: Oilers @ Leafs Preview

Reasons to live, bad journalism, and a homecoming. Your Game Preview!

The State of Florida v. Auston Matthews, Part II: Panthers @ Leafs Preview

The Leafs continue a two-game homestand against Florida teams with a visit from an old friend.
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