Maple Leafs History

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NHL playoff history: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins

The Toronto Maple Leafs once dominated the Boston Bruins in the playoffs. Then expansion happened.

PPP Book Club: Leafs 365: Daily Stories From The Ice, by Mike Commito

Leafs 365: Daily Stories From The Ice is a new book for Leafs fans available this month.

Toronto Maple Leafs 2023 draft picks & history

All the Maple Leafs 2023 NHL draft picks. Ones they have, ones they traded away, and who they picked in these spots.

FTB: Which Maple Leafs have won NHL Awards?

The 2023 NHL Awards are tonight. Before they're handed out let's take a look at which Maple Leafs have won awards. Spoiler: Not Many.

2022 NHL Draft: Who did the Leafs previously pick at these spots?

Three picks and one piece of history has already been made.

FTB: The trade deadline that ended an era

Change was in the air and some well known Leafs said goodbye.

What did the Maple Leafs give up in that first round pick?

It could have been anything! Even a boat!

Toronto Maple Leafs and the trade deadline: don’t expect much

Since the salary cap came into effect the Leafs haven’t done much at the deadline.

Tuesdays FTB: The only February 23rd trade

21 years ago, nothing of significance happened.

Pre-draft filler content: The Maple Leafs top 15 picks

With the 2020 NHL draft beginning tomorrow, we’re going to take some time this morning to look through the Toronto Maple Leafs draft history in the top half of the first round. The Leafs (as of writing time) have the 15th overall pick in this year’s draft thanks

Pre-draft filler content: Examining the back half of the first round.

The Maple Leafs have had 51 first-round picks in 52 drafts, but less than half made an impact on the team.

Pre-draft filler content: The Maple Leafs favourite CHL teams to draft from

Out of the 60 CHL hockey teams, only three have seen double digit numbers in draftees.

Sunday’s FTB: It’s do or die tonight, does history show us anything?

With five game series back in fashion, we look to the past for inspiration.

How the Maple Leafs have done in best of five series.

Did you know the NHL playoffs have changed several times? A lot of you are acting like they haven’t.

The Barely a Maple Leaf All-Star Team

There are plenty of lists of the all-time best Leafs, and all-time worst Leafs, but what about those NHL players who briefly played for the Maple Leafs?

Thursday’s FTB: The Top 10 John’s to play for the Maple Leafs

Like, people named John, not the other kind.

Trade Deadline FTB: The Toronto Maple Leafs best trade deadline deals

Sometimes you get the right player at the last minute.

Maple Leafs trade deadline deals that didn’t pan out

Sometimes you swing and miss, sometimes you swing and end up hitting yourself in the face.

Game Day Thread: Who’s your favourite Leaf who played for the Sabres?

Was it someone who got downgraded to Buffalo or upgraded to Toronto?

October 1999 was absurdly busy for the Maple Leafs

Four trades in the first 20 days. But...why?

2019 NHL Draft: Who did the Leafs previously pick at these spots?

From #53 to #208 the Leafs have picked a lot of players who.....well they got one right.

Toronto Maple Leafs have added core players before the draft, will they do it again?

The time between the final game and the draft is usually quiet, but not in the Leafs recent history.
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