Welcome Toronto Maple Leafs fans and various hangers on!

Tonight is the 218th game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Toronto Maple Leafs, a historical series the Leafs are losing with an 83-105-18-11 record (W-L-T-OTL). After that many games against each other and that many seasons in the league, we’ve seen some great players play on both sides of the ice.

Tim Horton
Leafs stats: 1184 GP - 109G - 349A - 458 Pts / 4 Stanley Cups
Sabres stats: 124 GP - 1G - 22A - 32Pts

Tim Horton is one of the greatest Maple Leafs of all time, but would end his career as a Sabre after crashing his car on the QEW driving home from a Sabres home game. After 20 years in Toronto he was traded to the New York Rangers, then joined the Pittsburgh Penguins before beomcing a Sabre.

Mike Peca
Leafs Stats: 35 GP - 4A - 11A - 15Pts
Sabres Stats: 363 GP - 96G - 121A - 217Pts / 1 Selke

Mike Peca was supposed to be one of the big additions to the Maple Leafs in the 06/07 season, but injuries kept him down to just 35 games. He was much better known as a Sabre where he is still beloved today.

Mike Foligno
Leafs Stats: 129 GP - 27G - 20A - 47Pts
Sabres Stats: 664 GP - 247G - 264A - 511Pts

Foligno was a rare player traded from the Sabres to the Leafs, but luckily for Buffalo the traded didn’t work out on the Leafs end. Foligno would break his foot early on after the trade, and miss the remainder of the season. After a few injury riddled season he would be traded (sold?) to the Florida Panthers for cash.

Doug Gilmour
Leafs Stats: 393 GP - 131G - 321A - 452Pts / 1 Selke Trophy
Sabres Stats: 82GP - 10A - 45A - 55Pts

Yeah I didn’t know about this until today. This was one stop in his post-Leafs tour around the NHL, traded to Buffalo by the Blackhawks, then leaving the Sabres to sign with the Canadiens. After that, no one knows what happened.

So, anyone not on this list who played for both teams you liked better?

Aslo, congrats to Egor Korshkov!

Game’s at 7PM on Sportsnet and MSG.

Enjoy the game folks! Go Leafs Go!