The arrangements are made, the bells are ringing and no doubt there will be tears and a punch-up before bedtime - for today is the day for our glorious 2IC, Chemmy.

That's right folks, the wandering jammies have been been officially retired. From now on, it's early nights, matching knitwear and lower back pain. I'm sorry ladies, I really didn't mean to break it to you this way. Perhaps in time you'll learn to love again. If not, I understand the Sisters of St. Joseph on Bayview are hiring.

Of course, the events of today will make Chemmy a bigamist in the eyes of some folks as he has already taken the sacred vows with the mighty Blue and White. But then I suppose the very term 'Leafs Nation' sort of implies you chaps are quite relaxed about that sort of thing.

So ladies and gentlemen, please charge your glasses and join me in a toast to the Bride and Groom! And how lovely it is that they chose Chris Simon's birthday to tie the knot....