The Toronto Maple Leafs list Brendan Leipsic as being 5'9, 165 lbs. By human standards, he's pretty averaged-sized. By hockey player standards, he's relatively small. (And yet still half a point per game career in the NHL, look at that!)

By dog standards, he maybe doesn't stand a chance. Not when the dogs are St. Bernards, at least...

Okay - so Leipsic should still be bigger than them. (One on one, at least; the two of them together can probably make a good case to be bigger.) (Also, I'm noting how we don't exactly get a side-by-side comparison with Leipsic himself in the frame, either. But we still got a lot of summer left for that.)

But that's still a lot of dog for anyone to handle. They're huge, and fluffy, and look so cuddly and okay they're perfect. They're good dogs.