It's been seven years since the Toronto Maple Leafs drafted Nazem Kadri seventh overall. He's been a full time member of the Leafs for a few seasons now, having amassed 293 games with them, and along the way, 72 goals, and 175 points: not the most jaw-dropping numbers ever, but pretty good ones.

This season, Kadri has eight goals and 23 points through 43 games so far: a .53 point per game pace, and fourth in team scoring. He's also due for a new contract, as he's currently on a one-year, $4.1 million deal.

That new contract is almost certainly going to happen because, well, the Leafs like Kadri. Or, to be more specific, Lou Lamoriello really likes Kadri. As he opened up to Elliotte Friedman in his 30 Thoughts column (#20):

"I love the way he competes. I’ve seen him get hit, at different times, and he just comes right back. He’s not afraid to give it, but what you respect the most about him is that he can take it. He’s not a retaliatory type of player, but he’ll get you at the right time, and the right place…He’s one that I wouldn’t mind going into a foxhole with."

Those are really strong words of praise. It could even be a multi-year deal in store for the 25-year-old - although who knows what his annual average value will be.

What kind of contract would you like to see for Kadri after this season?