UPDATE: They have a deal, but what did they change? Maybe nothing, and this was all theatre:

NHL says it has agreement with provinces on conditions for Canadian teams to play season on home rinks | CBC Sports

UPDATE: pause all belief in this for Canadian teams.

Right now the most likely resolution to this problem looks like a new schedule. We’ll keep you updated.

With the 2021 NHL season set to begin on January 13, all the schedules were released today.

The Maple Leafs play in the North division (subject to governmental approval and final confirmation) with the Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks.

With the home opener on day one of the season against Montreal, and a trip to Ottawa right after to play the Senators, it all seems normal enough at the beginning, but it gets repetitive fast. As in the very next day when the Leafs play the Sens again. Most games are in pairs or trios throughout the season, cutting down on the number of trips each team makes.

Assuming that the home games are played in the regular home arenas of each team and nothing changes, the Leafs fly west for a Calgary game on January 24, and play four games in total in Alberta before they return.

They go back on February 27 and play three games in Edmonton and then Vancouver before returning.

On March 31, they go to Winnipeg for two games, followed by two in Calgary.

On April 17, they to to Vancouver for two games, followed by three in Winnipeg.

Those ar the full set of western roadies, so that’s a reasonable set of trips for the division with the most travel distance to cover.

Oh, and look who the Leafs finish against! Two games vs the Habs in May. May it all happen as planned.

And the official schedule page on NHL.com is not updated.