For the last time I will mention that Curtis Douglas is more than just tall. Have a good time in Tucson, Curtis, that’s a good AHL team.

Conor Timmins, as many of you know, just finished a conditioning stint with the Tucson Roadrunners as he returns to playing action after injuries that have held him back for years.

He was originally drafted 32nd overall in 2017 by Colorado, and is a 24-year-old right-shot defender. He is famous (in some circles) for having played with Rasmus Sandin on the Greyhounds.

According to Craig Morgan, the Coyotes assumed Timmins would never clear waivers, and they had no place on their team for him. The Leafs will be keeping Timmins on the NHL roster therefore until he is either a member of the team or he has shown why he might clear waivers.

Wayne Simmonds, on waivers today, cleared, so there is a roster spot open for this trade.

Timmins has a comfortable cap hit of $850,000 and his deal expires this summer. Given his injury history and lack of playing time, it’s hard to know what to expect from him, but this was a zero risk trade that cost a player the Leafs signed as a free agent. Hard to complain about that.

Does it solve all the defensive problems in the world? No, but it can’t make them worse.