Their source on their website is themselves, so they scooped everyone with this news.

This is just about the best deal they could have got for an inexpensive backup goalie option. Michael Hutchinson, who was acquired mid-season last year, is 29 and played five games on the Leafs and 23 on the Marlies. He is not waiver exempt, but he did clear waivers twice last season.

He has a long career as an NHL backup and has had a few AHL starts sprinkled in over the past two seasons, but with Joseph Woll, Ian Scott and Kasimir Kaskisuo all under contract and looking to grab the Marlies starter chair, he seems like an NHL-only hire. This, plus the news reported earlier that Garret Sparks is likely to be traded, says Hutchinson is the probable backup for the coming season.

Things can change, but that’s the direction the wind is blowing right now. Hutchinson took a paycut to play for the Leafs, as he was making $1.150 million last season.

Update: this signing was officially confirmed by the Leafs on June 29.