On day two of training camp, the Maple Leafs brought some zebras on the ice, and got to work on a special scrimmage. No, not actual zebras, but this is the Leafs, so you never know:

Today was all about special teams:

The structure here had Nylander at the net, and Tavares as the bumper.

The second unit was less impressive.

But there might be a fix for that...


Facing the Leafs power play units in this endless special teams scrimmage was some interesting PK players.

Marner got some rotation later on the PK, and he’s going to be needed there because the Leafs vs Columbus is going to be a war of aggressiveness, not on the power play itself, but on the PK.

If you think Toronto has one of the hottest PK setups where breakaways abound and goals result, the Columbus Blue Jackets are as good.

If you want to brush up on the enemy, your homework is to watch the above presentation (should start at 1:23:15):

In that video, you can see some examples of the defensive technique that leads to offence. You can see the Leafs do it here:

The Blue Jackets might be missing Josh Anderson, but the Leafs have added Ilya Mikheyev, who gives them another weapon to use in their similar structure along with Marner and Kapanen.

The question will become whose power play can most withstand this disruption to their neutral zone transition and setup as well as the chaos going on while they’re trying to get the puck to their best shooters.

Oh, and which goalie can handle all the pressure: