The Leafs have decided to try waiving goalie Michael Hutchinson early this year. It’s a risk, maybe a smart play, and we’ll find out tomorrow at 2 p.m. if he clears.

The timing comes after the Montréal Canadiens claimed their starter for tonight, Samuel Montembeault to help them hold the line until Carey Price returns. That was the only team with an extreme need for a goalie who could play some NHL games, be a backup and perhaps ultimately end up lost again on waivers.

There are other teams with less critical needs in goal, and it’s never truly safe to waive a goalie — ask the guys who were grabbed three times last season — but Hutchinson is unlikely to play a full NHL season on any team. Buffalo wouldn’t want to improve that much, for example. And while Edmonton is not thrilled with their tandem right now, Hutchinson isn’t the kind of help they need.

If he does clear, he does not need to be moved to the AHL training camp until October 11. So there is no effect on the Leafs’ practice goalie requirements through the rest of the week. I hope he does clear, the Marlies need him.