The Maple Leafs have made several announcements today about various injured players:

Jake Muzzin is out until at least February after seeing several specialists.

The Leafs described his injury as a “cervical spine injury” but did not specify further. The cervical spine is that area of the spine in the neck and consists of the top seven vertebrae and discs.

Muzzin will remain on LTIR

TJ Brodie is on IR:

The injury is said to be similar to the oblique muscle injury John Tavares suffered in training camp. The oblique is an abdominal muscle.

The Leafs seem about to get a goalie back from an unexpected source:

Matt Murray will, as was said several days ago, start on Tuesday.

At the moment, the Maple Leafs roster is 29 names long with six players on IR or LTIR. Someone will have to come off the roster tomorrow when Matt Murray is activated both for roster and cap space reasons.

As of now, there is no more word on Ilya Samsonov other than he is progressing quickly. Kyle Clifford is still on IR, but seems to be ready to play, possibly tomorrow.

Roster moves for Tuesday’s game can be made at 5 pm tomorrow.