Update: It was known earlier today that Timothy Liljegren was not at practice. In keeping with the NHL’s new guidelines on injury reporting, this was the word after practice:

For clarity, here is the policy:

The Toronto Maple Leafs hit the ice today for the first day of training camp, and they split into two groups for fairly brief workouts.

From Kevin McGran on Twiiter:

There was big news from the practice:

And in short order a scrimmage got underway with the first group:

Two different people listed that top line in that order, and one with the wingers swapped to where we’re used to seeing them, so that’s a small mystery.

The probability has been calculated out to 100%.

Their scrimmage ended 0-0, which is conclusive proof Frederik Andersen will pitch a string of shutouts in the playoffs into the third round:

Group two came out like this:

Okay, so much for the Andersen shutout streak. The first goal of the scrimmage goes to Mikheyev. The second to Korshkov. We’ll be fine unless Columbus has a hot Russian sniper.

And because Chris Johnston loves us, he made this full lineup card for us:

This part of training camp has some bearing on decisions the Leafs will make:

That 15-16 forwards will be set up leaving a space for Andreas Johnsson.

The 52-person roster of players and staff to go into the hub is due soon (originally dated at today in the Phase 4 rules, so an assumption is the date is now July 16), so impressions need to be made early.

From the after-practice interviews:

And the confirmation of what we’ve knows for weeks:

And that’s all for now, we’ll update you if there’s more news.

Not news, but too much fun not to add: