Game two of the Maple Leafs’ Stanley Cup Playoffs series is tonight! We’ll have a preview of the game later this morning. In the mean time, check out what else we’ve been talking about.

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The Marlies are closing out their regular season in Newfoundland. They defeated the IceCaps last night 5-3. This has put the IceCaps in bad situation. Both the IceCaps and Comets are playing tomorrow in their final regular season games. If the IceCaps win, they are in. If they lose, even in OT, the Comets are in if they win their game.

Either way, the Marlies have clinched a playoff spot, and this last game is a practice for the Calder Cup Playoffs which start next weekend (exact schedule is still TBD). It would be fun if they played the spoilers and stopped the IceCaps. It would end the teams existence as they are leaving Newfoundland after this season, to be renamed the Laval Rocket.

The Solar Bears won the second game of their playoff series, and the tweet below is no exaggeration. It’s a filthy goal. The reaction after of the Everblades goalie is the icing on the cake.

Buzzeo, Massa propel Solar Bears to 2-0 series lead - Don Money
Orlando goalie Ryan Massa once again committed grand theft against the home team, stopping 36 of 38 shots

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“Mitch Marner and his family drove out of the players’ parking lot underneath Air Canada Centre after a game last week, ready to make the short trip to Marner’s condo overlooking Billy Bishop Airport.

Other News

New York Rangers 3 - Montreal Canadiens 4 (OT)

Columbus Blue Jackets 1 - Pittsburgh Penguins 4

St. Louis Blues 2 - Minnesota Wild 1

San Jose Sharks 0 - Edmonton Oiler$ 2

Matt Calvert is getting suspended. Regardless of whether this looks worse than it is, it’s straight up trash. This makes the game look like a branch of WWE. Like he’s going to come out of the penalty box later and there will be a conveniently placed folding chair for him to grab and smash someone else. The full video is here. It takes only a last second slip-up by Calvert to smash the stick an inch higher and break it over Kuhnackl’s neck. Then we’re in a whole other realm of possible outcomes here.

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Creamy Asparagus Soup - Simply Recipes
[Species: It’s spring and the fresh vegetables are starting to come back. This looks so good and it’s quite simple]

Your move, Marlies.