I know I didn't. So Tampa got the first goal, and the second goal and the third goal. So they made it 4-1. Nope, I was absolutely certain. I believed from about the moment the Leafs shit the bed for the entire first period, and I kept on pretty much to the end. And you can't prove otherwise.

The recap:

Toronto Maple Leafs game 4 recap: It was 4-1
The Toronto Maple Leafs let the Tampa Bay Lightning get a 4-1 lead, but we all know how dangerous that score is with Toronto.…

In NHL news:

  • The Devils beat the Rangers 3-1 to even the series at two games all
  • Vegas and the Jets played well past my bedtime. Vegas beat the Jets 4-2 to go up 3-1 in the series.
  • Seattle hosted the Avalanche even later. The Kraken found a way, 3-2 in overtime to tie the series at two games.

This marks the end of the predictable schedule with the same four series playing on the same day. Today's games are:

  • Islanders looking to stay alive vs the Hurricanes at 7:00 pm
  • The Wild and the Stars break their tied series at 8:00 pm
  • The Kings and the Oilers do the same at 9:30 pm

Wednesday has only two games, and Thursday three, including the Leafs next game at home – yes we get two days off to recover from that one.

In prospect news, the Sting vs Knights series has dates:

Kamloops starts their Western Conference final on Saturday. The big game tonight is Saskatoon looking to come back from three games down in their series with a game 7 win. Their future is determined beginning at 7:30 local time in Saskatoon.

The IIHF Men's U18 is going on right now, and Latvia sent Norway down a division with a win:

IIHF - Latvia edges Norway for QF berth
Norwegians will battle Germany in relegation round

The top of the standings are Sweden and Finland, Canada and USA. They move to quarterfinals on Thursday.

In case you missed it Roni Hirvonen is officially on the Marlies and they face Utica on Thursday in the first playoff game for the Marlies. This game is on at exactly the same time as the Leafs game because that is how you run an entertainment business.

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