Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It's Tuesday!

Yes, that's the big news in Leafsland right now. There's nothing going on. It's mid-July.

So the one story for the Leafs was that Ryan O'Reilly didn't like how popular the Leafs are. The spotlight was too bright.

I get it, playoff Toronto is a bit.....intense.

Nike isn't going to renew it's deal with Hockey Canada, after pausing sponsorship money due to the various scandals.

Sports apparel giant Nike permanently ends partnership with Hockey Canada
Nike was one of several major partners that paused its sponsorship deal with Canada’s governing hockey body in 2022 amid heavy criticism of Hockey Canada’s handling of sexual assault allegations and settlement payouts.

The Colorado Avalanche have signed Ross Colton to a 4 year, $4M dollar deal.

Avalanche sign forward Ross Colton to four-year, $16M contract
The Colorado Avalanche and forward Ross Colton have avoided arbitration by agreeing to a four-year, $16 million contract Monday.

The Lightning really know how to get someone paid.

It's really dry for news out there, so let's end this with a nice story about how Boston should be worse next season.

5 NHL Teams Destined to Be Worse Next Season
Every year there are always a handful of NHL teams that exceed expectations and end up being better than anybody thought. But if somebody is getting better,…

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!