Two games in two days for the Maple Leafs. This should be a totally non-controversial weekend, right? The figababa is tonight against the Flyers and we’ll have a preview up later this morning.

The two teams met last Saturday and the Leafs won that game in a shootout. Hopefully the game is wrapped up in regulation time tonight as the Leafs have a flight to catch to play the Blackhawks tomorrow evening in Chicago.

There was news from Peterborough about Leafs prospect Nick Robertson. He’s been working hard at emulating the top pros in the  Leafs organisation, specifically following the lead of John Tavares.

Nick Robertson out with a broken finger - Peterborough Examiner
The injury happened on Thursday.

The Pete’s look like they’ll get through OK without their top scorer because another Leafs prospect is picking up the slack.

Here’s what we wrote about yesterday.

Petan and Marincin clear waivers - Katya
Now the Leafs have to decide what to do with them.

Craig MacTavish got fired in the KHL: How does this affect the Leafs? - Katya
MacTavish opened up in an interview to TSN, and it’s a good read that made Katya think a lot about the Leafs.

Other News

Nikita Kucherov made a questionable play yesterday afternoon at the Sabres and Lightning game in Stockholm.

The Sabres, byt the way, have been on a losing streak lately and the Leafs have jumped over them for the second spot in the Atlantic Division standings.

The Sharks aren’t taking the Sabres slide lying down. They are working hard to maintain their position as the absolute worst team in the league.

Meanwhile the last place team in the Eastern Conference may have found a steal of a deal in a trade. The Blues had Robby Fabbri as a healthy scratch for most of this season and traded him to the Red Wings earlier this week. Fabbri made his debut with that team last night and he scored twice. It helped the Wings get a badly needed victory. Did the Blues underestimate what they were giving up?

Paralyzed Humboldt Broncos hockey player moves leg after surgery - CTV News
A 20-year-old hockey player paralyzed in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash has moved his leg for the first time in a year and a half thanks to a spinal surgery he received in Thailand.

Gary Bettman: Olympic participation 'incredibly disruptive' to NHL season - Sportsnet
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed during Friday's pregame press conference in Sweden that he met with International Ice Hockey Federation president René Fasel, but said there is currently "no news to report" when it comes to the NHL's Olympic participation.

What NHL goalies say about the league's first 'lacrosse-style' goal - Sportsnet
Carolina's Andrei Svechnikov scored the first 'Michigan Goal' in NHL history last week. But since he hit David Rittich in the helmet with his stick to accomplish it, is the legality of the goal worth having a discussion over? We asked some other goalies for their thoughts.

Claude Julien Rips Refs After Icing Leads to Delay of Game Penalty - Scouting The Refs
Montreal Canadiens head coach Claude Julien was frustrated with the officiating after a questionable icing call led to a delay of game penalty.

The Science of the Skirmish: the Mechanics of a NHL Fight - On the Forecheck
If hockey and fighting had a relationship status on Facebook it would definitely be “it’s complicated.”