The Maple Leafs have chosen to waive Jimmy Vesey just as they have three more days off before their next game. Vesey has struggled to find a spot in the roster where he can contribute, and has played mostly on the fourth line of late. He has five goals and two assists in 30 games for the Leafs.

With the current need to have three goaltenders all on the main roster because of Jack Campbell’s injury, the tight roster is even tighter, and the Leafs have been playing with one extra forward at most. That forward has to be a very low-paid one at that. It is expected that Wayne Simmonds is due to return, and that will tighten things up further.

Vesey, with a salary of $900,000 is not the lowest paid by any means. That salary plus his low production may have sealed the decision to pick him to move off the roster. He has a good track record for points production, so there is a very good chance he won’t clear waivers.

Complicating this is that Alex Galchenyuk and Alex Barabanov are playing lights-out in the AHL. Kyle Dubas in a media availability today, has repeated that Galchenyuk will eventually get a shot in the lineup. He also discusses the waiving of Vesey and describes it as a need for flexibility.

If Vesey clears, he could be moved to the Taxi Squad, and if he doesn’t, well, we’ll know at noon tomorrow.