This matters more for pairings and combinations of forwards than for who is playing and who isn't tomorrow. The playoffs aren't a time where coaches like to give that much information away. But the implication is right there that TJ Brodie won't play in game one.

But as mentioned several times, Calle Järnkrok had to wait for the season to be over to come off LTIR, and here he is stepping into his third-line role.

The difficulty of making this roster up out of available Leafs players is not the top half or even two-thirds. That's easy and obvious, and despite all the theorizing about balancing lines, loading up lines, etc. it's moot right now because all those players will play, and practice lines aren't chains – players can get switched up in game in any number of ways. And will.

The trickier questions are about the marginal players. So take that lineup, put William Nylander in on line two, and then move Knies to line three, and then what? I think most people will insist that Nick Robertson is way, way better than Connor Dewar and he should play.

And who is on the PK? Yes, I have heard the one about how anyone can PK and it doesn't matter. I just don't think it's true. Without McMann in the lineup, the next man up for his 5on5 job is Robertson and the next man up for his PK job is Dewar. It's not obvious how you pick in a situation where Järnkrok has played six games since January 24.

The first pair of PK forwards lately has been David Kämpf and Connor Dewar when he is in the lineup. Mitch Marner has played sometimes, but not always since his return. Do we want Marner blocking shots on the PK?

By minutes played this year, after Kämpf and Marner comes William Nylander. He's been playing short shifts at the end of the PK, but almost every PK, which is how he got the minutes up so high. That's a strategic plan, not a tactical use of genuine skill. Next is Järnkrok and after that it's a mix of the players who have not played every game and Auston Matthews.

If Järnkrok is good to go straight to top PK minutes, they likely can bounce Dewar and have Robertson as the sneaky skilled player with Reaves and Kämpf. I have to admit I've found that fun lately as Reaves has settled into a more useful style of play for the team.

As for the goalies, no one is talking on either team, so we'll find out tomorrow.